Nathan Drake, also known as "Nate", is an American treasure hunter and the main protagonist of Charted.


Early LifeEdit

Most Nate's early life is unknown. He was possibly born in Florida, USA. He sometime met a guy named Victor Sullivann, who adopted Nate and taught him all about treasure hunting. Nate also met many other treasure hunters like Eddy Raja, Harry Flynn and Chloe Frazer.

Charted 1: The Fate of The DrakeEdit


Nate in Charted : The Fate of The Drake.

Nate, along with Elena, finds the coffin of Sir Francis Drake at the coasts of Panama, soon they were attacked by severel pirates, however, with the help of Sully, they escaped, with Drake's diary.

Nate and Sully left Elena and went to the Amazon forest and after several quests, find out that El Dorado is a golden idol, not a golden city, and was moved to a secret island. The two found a German U-boat, and discovered where the island is locked, however Navarro and Roman, two of Sully's former "friends" caught Nate and Sully and forced them to tell about the location of El Dorado, but soon, Navorro's hunters, led by Javier, Navarro's pilot and chief lieutenant, betray both Navarro and Roman, and trying to kill all of them, but only wounded Sully, taking him, while Nate, Navarro and Roman escaped from the scene.

The three meeting Elena, who is angry at Nate for leaving her in Panama docks. The four killing the hunters that Javier sent, and escaped; Navarro and Roman via a Helicopter while Nate and Elena via Sully's plane.

Charted 2: Between the TraitorsEdit


Nate in Charted 2: Between the Traitors.

Charted 3Edit



The 92FS is Nate's main handgun\weapon in Charted 1: The Fate of The Drake and Charted 2: Between The Triators. Nate got the pistol after he lost his PM pistol during a battle against the pirates. Nate, since that, started to use the 92FS, mostly when his long guns were ran out ammo during long gunfights.


The PM was Nate's main handgun\weapon in the early part of Charted 1: The Fate of The Drake. Nate lost the handgun during a heavy gunfight, but soon finds the more powerful 92FS.


The AK is Nate's main assault rifle in the early parts of Charted series, which he got the gun after killing a pirate. Nate used his AK in long gunfights in Charted : The Fate of Drake. Later in the story, Nate lost his AK during the battle against Dutch, but replaced it with a M4 that he found near the battle zone.

In Charted 2 Nate got a new AK, which he used until the battle against Vodnic.


The M4 is Nate's main assault rifle during the late parts of the first two advantures. Nate got the M4, shortly after the battle against Dutch.