Untitled Uncharted Action, Thriller, film...,,,

Uncharted Reboot

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Starring by:

Arley Swaby Denia Swaby Ortiz Caridad Camacho


Film4 productions Warner Bros. (U.S Released)

Followed by:

Untitled Uncharted 2


  • Joshua Rush Pennyworth as, Samuel Drake (rumored).,,, Nathan's younger brother.
  • Alan Pennyworth as, Trevor Sullivan (villain).,,,
  • Denia Swaby Ortiz as, Nathan Drake's Mother (mentioned only).,,, Nathan's mother.
  • Nolberto Swaby as Benny (rumored)..,, Nathan's Uncle.

Taylor Belford as, Javier (villain).,,,

  • Caridad Camacho as Elizabeth Drake (Uncredited) Nathan's Aunt.


  • "Six Millions Ways to Live" performed by Dub Pistols

Courtesy by Dub Pistols

written by James O' Bryan, T.K Lawreance, Arley Swaby

  • "Stronger remix" performed Kayne West ft. Ludacris

Courtesy by Kayne West

Courtesy by Kayne West and Warner Bros. Music Group